WARNING - Adult Language Ahead
Only Proceed If You're Serious About Serious, Permanent FAT Loss.
How A "Forever Fat Lifer" 
With ZERO Confidence, No Self-Esteem
Reclaimed their life, once and for all
And Went From 
To Living The
Wake Up Happy
Automatically Life!
Despite countless lavish promises from so-called guru's in the weight-loss world, the only thing that's a "sure thing" is that THEY, these fitness rip-off pros, get rich off your struggle. 

...while those who put their hard earned money, time and HEARTS into it get left behind, feeling hopeless after yet another failed weight loss program. 
Well, that all ends today.
I'm going to help you lose the fat you've been dragging along once and for all, and it's not going to cost you a dime.
"My goal here is simple... to give you more for FREE, than most programs make you pay for. But I warn you, this book is tough, direct, to the point, effective and highly addictive. If you're not serious about lasting weight loss, this isn't for you." - Al Blais
Through The Darkest Lows
To The Brightest Highs!
Before finding No Bull Fat Loss...
After finding No Bull Fat Loss...
This Is John's True Story
When John first walked through our doors, he was scared beyond belief. 

He hadn’t stepped out of his comfort zone in a long time, and had experienced nothing but defeat and failure.
His Doctors were telling him he was running out of time, his diabetes was out of control, and he was on every depression medication out there.

He knew he needed to make a change, or give up for good… and face the inevitable....

But how do you step back up to the plate after striking out so many times before? 

How do you believe any of the “weight loss” BS, when so many other programs have left you feeling even less confident then before.

How do you believe anything, when you don't even believe in yourself?
John felt helpless, lost and struggling to find the will to even “give a shit” about his life.
Somehow, call it fate if you like, John came across my program and built up the courage to walk through our doors. 

If you’ve been in his shoes, you know that taking that first step is the HARDEST part. 

It’s been said that your life can change in a moment – and I believe that this was a life changing moment for John.

There was immense fear, doubt and hopelessness – but he took a chance

Not on us, he took a chance on HIMSELF.

Listen, when someone decides, after years of struggling and failure, to give a program like ours a shot, they aren’t “betting” on us, they are betting on themselves. 

And please, if ever the opportunity to bet on yourself comes up, TAKE IT

No matter how low and desperate things may feel, believe in yourself.

Anyhow, back to the story!

John took that bet – the hardest bet he’d ever taken. 

And the greater the bet, the greater the potential return.

Maybe there was a bit of sweet-talking from me, maybe there was a bit of “selling” on my part to get him convinced to join, maybe there was a bit of motivation and inspiration, and maybe – just maybe – there was a bit of “calling him out on his BS and getting him to stand up for himself”.

Call it what you want, I had one goal: I wanted this man in our program

He needed it, and I knew from the bottom of my heart, that he COULD do it.
Here’s the thing…
When you’re in as low a state as John found himself, all the “before and after” pictures, all the testimonials, all the sales crap, and all talk of what’s truly possible for him doesn’t matter.

When you’re that low, you’re not looking for a transformation…
You’re just looking for a bit of hope.
You’re looking for even the tiniest bit of progress to show yourself you’re not a failure, you’re not worthless, and you’re not ready to quit yet.

You’re looking for that slightest win to give you the courage (and boy, this takes courage) to take the second step, then the third, and the fourth, etc.
And want to know what happens with each step?
The smiles get bigger.
Hope starts to come back into the soul.

Confidence starts to build.

The weight starts to come off.

The depression fades, and you start forgetting to even take your meds.

Happiness starts to show in your eyes.

Life starts to have meaning and purpose again.

And most importantly…
You start to belief in yourself. You become EMPOWERED.
And out of that very first bet on yourself, the world is now yours for the taking. 

With belief, with confidence, when you wake up empowered, you realize life is good – no – life is GREAT, and you do more, you live more, you laugh more, you love more.

John went on to lose 110 lbs, completely eliminated his dependence on all his depression medication, and – listen to this – completely eliminated his diabetes! 

He’s now 100% off ANY medication.

But, most importantly, he believes he can do whatever he sets his mind to.

And I should mention, 4 years later, his kept the weight off for good, and smiling ear to ear. 

He’s got a new lease on life.
It's Time To Write YOUR Story

Isn't it crazy that we live in a world where we actually need to say the crap my lawyers are making me stick here... 

Listen, John, and the others posted on this page, are NOT your typical result. 

Truth is, you need to actually do the work to reach the goal. 

And no, just grabbing this free book, or any of my programs, isn't going to magically change your life, and you shouldn't expect it too. 

Also, don't be an idiot. 

Talk to your doctor before making any changes. 

The advice I'm giving here is simply that, it's advice. I'm sharing my experiences as pure opinion, and it's up to YOU to decide what you do with that information. 

At the end of the day, YOU, and YOU ALONE, are responsible for your life.  
Okay, let's get back to it...
I know what you might be thinking...

"Al, that’s great for John… But what about me… My situation is different…"

Here’s the thing… 

I’m not here to twist your arm. 

In fact, I’m not even selling anything right now. 

This page, what you’re reading, has nothing to sell, nowhere to put your credit card information, and no hidden catch.

My goal is very simple – to show you that you can do it – and to BELIEVE in you, even if you don’t believe in yourself.

And I have a very simple offer for you – I want to show you, without it costing you a dime, that you CAN do it.
Getting you to believe in yourself - That’s my only goal.
I want you to download my book "Oh, For Fats Sake!" completely free, without needing to make any purchase, and without any sales pressure. 

And please, let's get real here... this isn't some ridiculous "Free eBook" that I threw together that has 5 pages of "alright" information, and 35 pages of sales bullshit. 

This book is over 200 pages, and has ZERO fluff, ZERO  filler, ZERO sales crap

There are no offers in it, there are no bait and switches, and there are no "to learn the real secret you need to join my super expensive and wasteful mastermind group!" 


I spent 13 years owning and operating Ontario's largest weight loss transformation center, and when I retired, I put all my best material into this book. 

My best weight loss strategies, my best feel like a million bucks tips and my best "kick your ass into shape" motivational speeches into this book. 

But here's the thing... 
Until Now, I Was Bound By A Non-Compete!
When I sold that business, I signed a 2 year non-compete... and guess what? 

As of July 1st, 2019, my 2 year "sentence" is over, and I'm spilling the beans. 

Truth is, my old stomping grounds where I perfected my weight loss formula still exist today, and I'm "stepping on some toes" by releasing this... 

But I'm willing to take that a chance because they can only impact the local area they are operating int, and I want to help people around the world. 
My passion is helping people feel fucking amazing 
Not just "PG", play it safe don't offend anyone amazing, but fucking amazing. 

When's the last time you woke up and said you felt fucking amazing.

Listen, I know.... cursing...  ew.... not very professional. 

And you're right, and I usually don't... 

But I know that when we were younger, we ALL had moments where we said to ourselves "man, I feel fucking amazing".

Just saying... 

And you deserve to say that again. 

And if, for whatever reason you've never said it before, your time is now
Here's the thing... I don't want you to focus on losing weight. 

Just follow my advice, and that'll come on it's own, it's a by-product of my system. 

What I want you to focus on is FEELING like a million bucks. 

When you wake up, you're alive. 

When you take a deep breath, you feel real vitality in your lungs. 

When you play with your kids, they tire before you. 

When you take the stairs at work, you're not exhausted and sweaty. 

When you make love to your partner, you're confident naked, even with the lights on

When you get invited out to dance, you put your sexy dress or suit on and kick ass. 

And when you walk the streets, people around you feel your energy vibrating through you. 

Because you feel, look and act fucking amazing. 
Ready to live your best life?
Okay, the time has come, and I've said all I needed to say. 

Sure, if you asked a real greasy sales pro, they'd tell you how many sneak tactics I should be using to get you to download this book, but quite frankly, it's not about me, ti's about you. 

I sleep like a baby at night because I know that everyone who grabbed this book did it because they wanted too, and deserved too, and not because I "got them" too. 

Go ahead, grab your book, and see for yourself what it can do for you. 
So, here’s the deal:
If John’s story tugged at your heart, if you related to it, or if you feel you want to see for yourself, simply enter your email below, enter your email bellow and you'll receive it instantly on the next page. 

I know... "if it's free, why do you need my email?". 


You caught me. Now I'm going to harass you with sales crap!

That's a hard no. Not at all. 

No, seriously, we're not. 

I will, however, send you motivation on a "when I feel like it" basis

How's that for structured! 

I have NO auto-responder sequence set up, no secret-ninja-funnel put together, and no sales crap lurking in the pipeline to send you. 

In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm breaking all the "internet money-sucking rules" out there, but I really don't care, I'm here to serve. 

On the next page, you'll be granted access to the book for free, and be have the opportunity to join our No Bull Fat Loss community, and that's it. 

The book on it's own is as awesome as I say it is, and teaches you everything you need to know. 

If you want a bit more "structure" to your meal plan, I'll gladly sell you my plan (next page, and at a scary discount), but you don't by any means need to get it. 

That's the extent of my sales process. 

Get my book for free, let it change your life, and if you're cool with it, pay for my meal plan too. (and don't get too excited... you can't even hire me to coach you... I stopped taking one-on-one clients years ago!)

That's it, that's the big sneaky approach. 

All other emails will be random, and designed 100% to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and KICK YOUR ASS. 

NOT sell you crap. 

If little doses of inspiration and encouragement along the way add value and help, great. If not, simply unsubscribe and I'll never help again, it's really that easy. 

Enough chatter, it's time to feel fucking amazing. 

I sincerely look forward to showing you there IS hope for you,

To your success, 

End the pain. Get the Unfair Advantage.
100% Free (for now).
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